What Are Long Tail Keywords And How Can They Help You?

Practically everyone is familiar with keywords and why they are important to a website. For example, if you are running a veterinary practice and are looking to attract new visitors to your website, you would compile a list of keywords that fit your business and use them throughout your web copy or in online ads.

For example

  • sick dog
  • sick cat
  • kansas city vet

Using keywords that describe your business will help push your site higher in the search results when people search for your keywords. More people that are looking for someone like you will actually find you. However, lets be honest for a minute. Regardless of your business, there is probably pretty stiff competition. You may have several vets in the area, all utilizing keywords and vying for visibility. With so much competition, it may be difficult to get your website noticed

Long Tail Keywords

Enter long tail keywords. LTK are an evolution of the traditional keyword. The concept is the same: Integrate whatever keywords describe your business that people are also searching for. Long Tail Keywords take it to the next level though by providing much narrower keyword parameters.

For example

  • Where do I take a sick dog
  • What is the best place for a sick cat
  • What vets are local in Lees Summit?

By utilizing more specific ‘long tail’ keywords, you are narrowing the scope by focusing on what potential customers are actually searching for. Instead of competing with 28 vets over the keyword ‘sick dog’ and hoping for the best, your competition decreases significantly when you use a phrase like ‘where do i take a sick dog?’ Regardless of what keyword you use, people are searching with those types of phrases. Your site will come up either way, but it will be significantly higher in the results when you integrate long tail keywords into your ads and copy.

Try it for yourself. Search your generic keywords and see where you rank. Then search for some possible phrases people may use and see what comes up. Once the shock has worn off, take some time to sit down and reevaluate your keyword strategy. Make a list of potential long tail keywords you could use, and integrate them into your website.


What do you think – have any questions or comments? Let me know below!