Why Live Social Marketing Is The Future

Here’s your chance to be on the cutting edge of church marketing.

Am I talking about live streaming your services? No, though that is an amazing tool to proclaim your message. Do I mean advertising in the local paper, posting flyers in the grocery store or evangelism in the bars? No, though those are also good things.

What can you possibly do that is cutting edge for church marketing? Create a LIVE social media presence during your service.

Live Social Marketing

Let me clarify.While I’m certainly not the first one to do this, in a sea of churches around the world I’m probably one of the few. The concept is simple. Keep the weekly social updates you are sending to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but start posting LIVE what is happening during service.

Don’t overthink it. Here’s a couple of example topics you could post about:

  • Tweet or facebook a verse from the sermon with a call to action.
  • Tweet some inspirational song lyrics everyone is singing
  • Facebook or Instagram a photo of the worship team playing a new song
  • Post a particular powerful quote from the senior pastor right

Easy, right? The thing to remember is you are posting what’s happening LIVE. Don’t pre-script it, but at the same time don’t under analyze what you are posting. Shooting off the cuff can hinder your message more than it helps, and and overly clinical post can sound cold and robotic. Find a good balance.

Change is in the Wind

When you do start posting live, immediately your churches social media presence will begin to change. People who may not have visited before will begin to connect with your church in new ways as they see and read what you are doing during a service. Content will feel fresh, and your congregation will begin to engage with you in ways they haven’t before. If you are streaming your services, live posts are the PERFECT way to encourage people to join your online service. Adding a call to action will pull in your followers and give them something to act on. Our engagement has increased exponentially since we implemented this in our church.

You should even consider posting raw photos to instagram or periscoping part of the sermon. Quality is certainly preferred, but sometimes the raw, unedited feel from a periscope session or an iPhone photo gives your followers more of an incentive to engage with you. Like everything else though, you need to strike a balance between raw and quality so your church doesn’t come across as overly amateurish. Even for me it’s a fine line to walk, and one that I constantly reevaluate.

Lets face it. Today’s generation craves live, raw and real. The world doesn’t seem so small to them when they can immediately connect with anyone, anywhere. What better way to reach them than broadcast and proclaiming the Good News of  Christ LIVE over social media?


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below