How to Stand Out: 7 Tips for an Amazing Interview

Do you want to make it in the world? Sick of your dead-end job, and ready to make a real difference? A great job may only be a phone call away, but if you have poor communication skills you could sabotage your success before you even get started. The best way to land that dream job is to rock your interview, and with these 7 tips you can stand out in the applicant crowd!

A disclaimer: I’m not making these tips up, nor the need for them. I am appalled at how poorly the majority of our society communicates and presents themselves, especially in interviews. So while these tips may seem like no-brainers, trust me, a lot of people need to know them

1. Promptness

If it’s a phone interview, start getting ready well before the interview starts. Gather all your papers and notes, mentally go over the job and any questions that may be asked of you, and answer the phone when you said you would. Don’t act surprised when the interviewer is calling you… after all YOU reached out for the job so act like it’s important!

2. Presentation

First impressions are vital when applying for a job. Shuffling in, disheveled and bleary eyed definitely gives your interviewer an impression of you… that you don’t care about the job, that you have better things to do than interview, or even work, for them. Be professional. Be alert. Be the picture of success.

3. Attention

For a phone interview, nothing turns off an employer more than straining to even hear you while a dog, dishwasher or baby screams in the background. What impression does that give? They didn’t even care enough to give you their full attention… instead they are dealing with animals or doing the dishes. Does that make an employer feel valued? No. And if you are the one looking for a job, valuing your potential employer is very important.

4. Confidence

If you want to get a job, at some point you will need to exude some level of confidence. If if its only “Yes I would be a perfect fit for your company” or “You can count on me to work hard on everything you give me”, portraying confidence during a meeting in-turn gives the employer confidence that you are a good match for them. Who wants to pay someone to work who isn’t even sure if they themselves can do the work?

5. Articulate

This is a huge problem in our society, especially among the younger generation. Speaking clearly and concisely is a lost art; replaced for the most part by mumbling. Even if you aren’t applying for something like a sales position, the ability to clearly communicate is a lost art in our society. Communication is so vital to the success of teams, and people who speak clearly are valued more than those who constantly mumble.

6. Success

Have you ever seen the president give a press conference in torn jeans and a t-shirt? Or a major CEO give a shareholders address in shorts? How you dress both at the job and for the interview portrays the value you place on it. Showing up to an interview with ragged clothes immediately says ‘I don’t value this interview or job offer enough to even make my self presentable.’

7. Grateful

Regardless of how the interview goes, always be thankful and grateful that someone would even consider hiring you. Shake their hand. Smile. Thank them for the opportunity. Don’t burn bridges; you never know when someone might not work out and your name comes up. Present yourself with a thankful and grateful heart.


As I said before, a great job may only be a phone call away. The best way to land that dream job is to rock your interview, and with these 7 tips you can stand out in the applicant crowd!