Do You Want To Save Money On Your Wedding?

Wedding planning… those magical two words that sends visions of money dancing away… According to CNBC, the average cost of a wedding is nearing $26,000!!! While most people don’t have that kind of money to spend on their wedding, many will spending a significant amount of money on their once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Once you start attending wedding shows, interviewing florists and scheduling venues, you begin to realize how much this party is actually going to cost.

Never fear!

Though it may be tempting to get the best of the best for your wedding, there is a better way.  Instead of going with the popular vendors for your wedding, look for alternatives. Spend some extra time researching instead of spending extra money.  One easy way to cut costs is to look at alternative options for your wedding cake.

I’ll be honest… I remember cutting my cake and I know I ate it, but I don’t remember much else past that. We were never planning on spending thousands on it, so we looked for some alternatives. Instead of the big downtown bakeries, we tried some chain stores. Some were decent, several were horrible, but a couple (for us, the local Hy-vee) were absolutely amazing! Even our guests couldn’t believe that we had ordered the cake from a chain grocer.

Don’t settle for the quick and expensive way. Spend some time visiting local stores and find the best deal. Save money where you can, so you can put it towards your future life together!